How to get free spins

Free spins on Casino Heroes

Free spins are free playing rounds. Evidently it is a popular feature on Casino Heroes. The Casino is known for being generous with free spins. Thus, it is a frequently asked question of how to acquire them.

The Welcome Bonus

The first way is to simply join the adventure. By doing so, the amount of free spins you receive is dependent on your deposit. You can get up to 250 free spins.
10-19€: 25 Free Spins
20-49€: 60 Free Spins
50-99€: 120 Free Spins
100-199€: 175 Free Spins
200+€: 250 Free Spins

Beat the Bosses

As you advance in your adventure you will encounter Boss fights. By defeating a Boss you may receive free spins. You can also gain experience points which are abbreviated as XP. The more experience you have as your Hero avatar, the more likely it is that you will win a Boss fight. And therefore XP will benefit your free spins rewards.

Hidden Treasures

You may also encounter hidden treasures around the island. Within your adventure you have a treasure chest and this is where your rewards such as free spins and XP will be rewarded. On your progress bar you can see how close you are to encountering your next treasure.

Refer a friend

When you invite a friend to join the adventure of Casino Heroes you get rewarded for bringing a new fellow depositing player. You can see a banner with this offer in the settings mode when you view your own personal avatar. You will receive a total of 25 free spins if your friend registers and deposits.