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Race the Bosses

Race the Bosses is a reoccurring campaign which takes place on Casino Heroes. It is in fact one of their most unique features. It is a Boss Race for free spins. Every time a race is held a new amusing plotline is presented. These are presented on the website but also in newsletters. The chance on free spins is a constant prevailing element.

This is how a plotline might be presented:

The Bank of Heroes have been robbed! And it is nobody’s surprise it’s Boss Joe Dalton who is behind it! He has stashed the free spin loot with all the other Bosses on the Hero Islands. Beat the Bosses and reclaim the stolen free spins!

As a player you don’t only receive a chance on free spins but every Boss Race has a different story and very impressive and detailed animations.

Beat the Bosses

These are the Boss fights as described before. Every region has its very own Boss that you must defeat. The plotline of the first Island which is called Treasure Island unfolds as such:
The golden crown has been stolen from the King by an evil dragon called Betser. Your Hero avatar’s mission is to reclaim the crown. But first you must defeat all the Bosses that are in your way. The spinning wheels decide if you win or not along with your experience points. Every different Boss has varying strengths and characteristics.

Happy Hours

Every once in a while Casino Heroes offers double speed. Meaning that you will advance faster within your adventure. Evidently this is very beneficial as you will reach Boss fights faster and so the opportunity of receiving bonuses, XP, or free spins increases.