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Casino Heroes bonus

Casino Heroes (formerly known as Casino Saga) is an innovative online casino that has revolutionised the online gaming industry. The casino combines entertainment with a personalized virtual adventure.

You play in your adventure by being a Hero avatar and you travel through region after region across different islands towards Boss fights.

The adventure is filled with rewards. There are a lot of ways to earn bonuses on Casino Heroes. To make sure you don’t miss any we suggest you make sure you receive their emails (try to make sure that they don’t end up in some spam folder… you know how aggressive the filters can be sometimes). If you use Gmail, please read this article.

The emails contain regular and continuous campaigns launched with new bonus offers. So make sure not to miss all the opportunities you get to win free spins on Casino Heroes.

So, first of all, be sure you receive their emails. If you don’t, contact Casino Heroes and ask for help!

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